My name is Shannon Watts. I am a secondary education French major and currently a junior at Marshall University. I love the French language and culture and hope to engage my future students with the passion for the language and culture that I have. I chose to become an educator because I believe students need passionate teachers. Not only passionate about the subject matter, but for the students as well. Some students may not know any other kindness or positive motivation, than that showed to them in the classroom. I want to make a difference in my students' lives. I want them to truely enjoy learning and coming into my classroom everyday.

My unit plan introduces new vocabulary, phrases, verbs, and culture related to eating, food, and dinning experiences in France. I planned my unit so that students will perform and create a number of tasks that will reinforce the subject matter. This unit will use many modern technologies as well as traditional teaching and learning methods. Students will be assessed by several different methods, including games, videos, quizzes, and a portfolio. The portfolio will be the greatest weight in the grading for the students. Students will also use a wiki to compile all their tasks throughout the unit for final assessment. Through these tasks, I hope to engage the students and make learning fun and exciting.

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